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Adaptable Intelligence 

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About us 

The goal is simple – to enable business to harness technology to improve their market share. How is this achieved? By understanding the business, it’s operation and it’s strategy, then linking a technology solution back into these elements.

With many years experience in broadcast technology solutions, domestic solar PV and smart home technology, Synaptal can help customer’s better understand the challenges, research solutions, make sense of the options – and then deliver the project to realise the benefits. A passion for technology coupled with a broad and deep understanding of all things technical mean that solutions can embrace innovation, remain elegant and give value for money.

How Can We Help

With experience in technology stretching back many years, our consultancy, solutions and management services could be just what you're looking for. 

Managing technical delivery from initial idea to delivery is a speciality. With a deep understanding of Broadcast and OTT environments - along with it's strengths and weaknesses - we are sure to make your project a success.

Having relationships with a long list of suppliers and vendors is a key element in our success.

Other specialities include Raspberry Pi development, smart home technology and solar PV.


Solutions architecture, project management (Prince2), project delivery, troubleshooting, supplier management & relations, product development, technical management and product/industry research.

The key to success is understanding. Synaptal will take the time to do just that and most importantly play it back to you, the client, for valuable reassurance. After that regular and clear reporting will ensure confidence in achieving a successful outcome.

Managing technical issues and delivery is a specilaity borne out of a deep understanding of the technologies and commercial strategies.